On being a small business operator

2020 has been all of the things (thanks COVID). It has had the highs, the lows and everything in between.

For our business, it has been a year of transformation. Very few businesses could ever have predicted, let alone planned for the scale of disruption of this global pandemic. Like many others, we have had to adapt to the new normal and part of this has been becoming a "jack of all trades". Moving out of our rental property during lockdown and the subsequent purchase of our own building has forced us down a long, tiring, frustrating, but we hope, rewarding road. When we get a moment to sit back and look at what we've achieved and what we are creating, it all starts to feel very exciting.

While we are trained as massage therapists, 2020 has seen us turn our hand to building and construction, trench digging for plumbers, landscaping, painting, interior designing, website designing, social media management, brand development and management, marketing, HR managing, book keeping, grant writing and much, much more. We have been smashing up concrete, doing countless tip runs, assisting with the plastering, selecting the particulars for the build (tapware, basins etc), choosing paint colours, ripping up lawns and interviewing new staff.

And what a learning curve it has all been! Who knew the building codes would be so complex, and in some cases, downright nonsensical?! For example, we can build a fence down the side of the business, but if we put an awning out there, it activates an entire new set of rules in regards to fire safety. This would include window removal and re-cladding, amongst other expensive things! This one little revelation changed our entire building plan!

Renovating can really be full of surprises too, like the discovery of myrtle floor boards under the tiles! (Yay!) And the discovery that the plumbing pipes out the back have a leak, requiring us to lift hundreds of pavers (Not so yay!). And the further discovery that there is also a slab of cement under the pavers that we need to smash up and remove to access those pipes (extra specially NOT yay!). On the plus side, we are going to have some pretty sweet guns when we get back to massaging you all!!

The next few weeks will involve painting for days, lots of admin (finalising contracts for staff, planning the orientation day content, marketing etc), decorating, planting, and finalising orders for stock and equipment.

Being small business owners has transformed us into far more than just massage therapists. It has been an epic learning curve with no shortage of challenges but we are hopeful that we will be sitting back with a glass of bubbles in hand in a few weeks with an amazing new clinic and an awesome new team of staff, all ready to welcome back our wonderful clients whom we have missed so much!

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