Our Story

Where it all began… 

Walking into an introductory massage course on a perfect Tasmanian summers day back in 2013, neither Caroline nor Andrew expected to meet their future life partner. But meet they did, and by 2015 they were married and both had completed remedial massage diplomas! Our business journey started out in our humble home-based clinic with just the two of us working in the team. We were called Mandala Therapies. 


We soon needed to take on a third massage therapist and found our single room clinic was nowhere near adequate to meet the demand for our services. In late 2019, we took the leap and moved into a rented clinic space. In the first three months of 2020, we seemed to be going from strength to strength. We recorded our biggest earning months since our business started and we were looking to take on new staff to help accommodate the client demand. Our clients were loving the new clinic space that we’d created, and we were ready to take on the world! 

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A hiccup in the road… 

It wasn’t to be because lurking around the corner was COVID-19, and it did quite the number on us! Public Health measures in Tasmania meant that we were forced to close indefinitely. With the uncertainty about our future that this brought, we made the difficult but necessary decision to move out of our newly renovated clinic and wait it out until we were allowed to work again.   

We moved everything out in a couple of days and all of a sudden we went from the owners of a thriving massage clinic to two people stuffed into our family home with a house load of massage clinic furniture, no income and really no idea what the future would hold. At first we were stunned. We could never have foreseen such an upheaval. We were exhausted. Setting up a business clinic is hard work, but then having three huge months of work followed by having to move everything back home again was nothing short of exhausting. We were physically, mentally and emotionally tired. 

New beginnings… 

When we first moved out of our clinic, it was hard to imagine ever having the energy or inclination to do it all again. After a few months in isolation during the COVID-19 lockdown, we rested, we rode bikes, we read books, we spent time with our children, we cooked, we cleaned, we did some home improvement projects, we had backyard campfires and we recharged our batteries. We also started to turn our minds to life post-COVID and noticed the stirrings of some enthusiasm to get back on our feet again.  

A property came up that seemed ideal for us and before we knew it, we had an offer accepted and the keys in our hands…and soon after that - paint brushes! 

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 Spa House Tasmania is born… 

Nothing makes you realise how lucky you are to live in Tasmania more than a global pandemic. Our government was decisive in taking action and our numbers quickly dwindled to zero cases of COVID. We were soon free to move about our beautiful home state again and enjoy the wide open spaces that others around the world could only dream of. 

Mountains, beaches, rolling green pastures, fresh air and nothing but the sounds of nature. 

Times of trouble can really reveal the true nature of people, and we learned how truly lucky we were to be surrounded by loving, kind souls. We had many gifts delivered to us when our business disappeared into thin air. There were many people in the community who rallied to help those less fortunate. While the world was reeling from the destruction of COVID and the news was reporting daily of tragedy, there were glimpses of true beauty and love wherever we looked, none more so than here in Tasmania. 

If there was one thing we wanted to take with us from this COVID situation, it was to rebuild our business as a celebration of all things Tasmanian.  

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What is Spa House Tasmania? 

Spa House Tasmania is a boutique, uniquely Tasmanian remedial massage and spa clinic. 

Tasmania is a small place. It is, but a dot on the global map. We are never going to compete on quantity. Instead, Tasmanians have adapted to create quality offerings. whether it be in our farm produce, our food and wine industry or our makers. 

At Spa House Tasmania we are no exception. We aim to provide excellent quality services, tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We utilise high quality products, sourced from Tasmanian makers wherever we can. 

Spa House Tasmania provides a sanctuary for locals and visitors alike. It is a place to soothe the soul. From the freshly decorated, warm rooms, the air lightly scented with aromatherapy blends, to the gentle music. Our staff are skilled, friendly and professional and we are all committed to giving each client the best service possible. Our Apothecary is stocked with handpicked Tasmanian art, craft and gift lines which can be purchased online or in store. 

Spa House Tasmania aims to create a service experience like no other. An experience to remember for all the right reasons.